Fresh Artist & Fresh Music: Ms. Promise - "Ransom" / by

Now this just creeped up on me. I didn't even know that this lil lady could spit like this. She goes by the name of Ms. Promise and she's from Chicago. She put her spin on the popular Lil Wayne & Drake song called "Ransom". She steals the beat from the song but the lyrics are 100% hers! ‎She's a GOON, listen to it below.

Promise walks in and f*cks up yo flow"/"i aint gotta d*ck so stay up off my clit"/"We got to cut the beat off, I'm beatin the beat harder than a nigga beats his meat".

You can't tell me that was HOTT! She went IN on that track. Nicki Minaj better watch her damn back. If Ms. Promise keeps this up and if it gets in to the right hands, she could find a new career with this rapping gig. The track may be long but she's giving it to you real and RAW.