Mariah Carey's FOUR Months Pregnant?! / by

Well this doens't come as a BIG surprise because we already knew. According to HollyBaby, Mariah Carey is four months pregnant and didn't want to speak of the it because she's very superstitious. Also the article below talks about why and how she gained weight over the past few months. Check out the article below.

Mariah Carey is four months pregnant with her first child — a boy! — a source close to the star tells The Grammy award-winning singer and her husband, Nick Cannon, have been tight-lipped about her pregnancy, but she is expected to make an official announcement in the next couple of weeks when she begins promoting her new holiday album, Merry Christmas II You (which is being released on Nov. 2). “She’s having a boy, but the reason that Mariah didn’t want to say anything is because she is 40, and she’s superstitious,” the insider says. “But she’s going to appear on Oprah and The View, so she’s planning on making the announcement soon.”

Mariah Has Ordered One-Of-A-Kind Maternity Dresses!

The insider says that the couple are over the moon about their impending arrival but “they haven’t decided whether they’ll raise the baby in New York or Los Angeles.” They are currently living in Nick’s LA home while renovations are being done on the former Bel Air home of Farrah Fawcett that Mariah bought last year for $7 million. The 11,750 square feet home has five bedrooms — plenty of room for a nursery and a giant closet for Mariah!

Mariah took fertility drugs to get pregnant, according to the insider, who says, “the fertility drugs were the reason for her weight gain earlier this year.” She has also given up drinking alcohol — “she stopped drinking back in March or April this year,” the source says.

Well, that explains the weight gain. I was wondering why she was so bloated all these months. It came out of no where. Now we know, drugs are BAD! congratz to the couple. I honestly didn't think they were going to last. I thought they would split within the next months because their marriage came out of no where. But they shut me the hell UP! Baby boy on the way and all. Good luck. I wonder what it will come out looking like? Well, I should say WHO it will look like but whatever.