New Video: RichGirl - "Swagger Right" feat. Fabolous & Rick Ross / by

RichGirl is back after a year out of the spot light. Last year they tried to hit the scene with their hit "He Ain't Wit Me Now Tho" which failed to make an impact. Now they're back with the Fabolous and Rick Ross assisted song "Swagger Right" & their new video premiered a few days ago. Check it out below.

It looks as if the girls underwent a make over process. Especially Lyndriette, Seven and Audra. Brave still looks the same. But the rest of them look so different from the last time I saw them, which was last year. The song is alright, not something that could stand on it's on. They are trying to bring girl groups back as well as R&B but they can't do it alone. I'm afraid that this will just tank just like their other single. But I love the girls. This video is just so raunchy!!