Raz B on Marques Houston: "He had sex with me as I was under the age of 18" / by

It looks as if Raz B, formally of B2K, is at it again with his rants and remarks towards being molested by Chris Stokes and now, he's calling out Marques Houston.

In the video below, you can see an irate Raz B calling Marques Houston over the telepohone and asking him why Omarion is going on radio stations giving interviews, and telling people that he (Raz B) is suffering from a bi-polar disorder & takes pills. Then it blows up from there. Peep it below.

Someone; Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Monique or Wendy Williams, let this boy onto your show so that he can tell his side of the story. First he claimed that his former manager Chris Stokes molested him while he was younger and said that he made him and the other guys in the group do "things". Now he's tossing Marques into the mix. Crazy stuff if you ask me. You would think that Raz B is bi-polar by the way he just exploded out of the blue. Why don't they just leave the man alone, keep his dayum name out of your mouth Omarion. If he is bi-polar or if i was a joke, leave him B. Yall relationship is over and done with, you have nothing further to say because you are just as low as he is. No life, no career. Give it up. Kiss and make up! It's a dayum RAP!