Trey Songz Lines Up "Love Faces" & "Unusual" for Next Singles / by

According to Rap-Up, the sexual deviant Trey Songz plans on releasing another set of singles lifted from his latest album "Passion, Pain, & Pleasure". They will be "Love Faces" & "Unusual" which features Drake. He also has a few other things going on in his world; an upcoming tour with Usher, a surprise collaboration and wishing to work with Nicki Minaj again. Peep it all below.

The ladies’ man tells that the Drake-assisted “Unusual” and steamy “Love Faces” will be released simultaneously as the third singles from his fourth albumPassion, Pain & Pleasure. “We’ll be working those at the same time,” he reveals.

He also hints at a surprise collaboration in the works. “I got a big surprise coming up for a record I’m about to do that should be a great collaborative effort. I can’t say who all is gonna be on it, but it’s gonna be a great record.”

As for his “Bottoms Up” collaborator Nicki Minaj, Trey hopes to work with her again, possibly for her debut Pink Friday. “I would love to. I think she’s as talented as they come and to work with her again would be a delight,” he says. “I know she’s still working on her album and I’ve extended my hand, and if there’s any place she feels me to be fit, I’ll be there.”

He's still pushing hard I see. "Love Faces" is definitely one of my favorite songs from the album. I wonder who he's going to be working with for this surprise track? Will it be featured on a re-release or a deluxe edition? Or a completely different album? Who knows when it's dealing with today's singers. They can put out albums every 3 days if they wanted to.