Willow Stops By 106th & Park / by

Willow stopped by 106th & Park to officially premiere her music video for "Whip Your Hair". Shortly after she was presented with a plaque by Rocsi and Terrance for premiering her very first video. She cried...and I was in awe. Check it out below.

Some folks are BASHING this 9 year old girl saying that she can;t read. DAMN give her a break. She stumbled over ONE word and yall are getting on her? Some of yall can't pronounce or spell the simplest words and here it is a 9 year old girl stumbles over a big word and yall are bashing her? Get real. One thing for sure is that she is about to BANK. Hell she don't need to know how to read. She has Will & Jada. That's all she needs. Forget a book....time tables WHAT? All she needs to know is how to multiply her money, and she is already doing that. GET WITH IT!