Beyonce Will Be INVADING Living Rooms on Thanksgiving Day / by

Get ready, because Beyonce will be invading your living rooms again for the second time in a row on Thanksgiving. Last year her "I Am...Yours" was featured on ABC for a Thanksgiving Day Special, this year, the "I Am...World Tour" will be featured. The 90 minute special will air on ABC at 9:30/8:30c Thanksgiving Night.

The next day, the DVD will be avaliable to purchace exclusively at Walmart, then avaliale everywhere on November 30th. Blu-ray edition will hit stores on December 7th. Check out the trailer below..

I saw it coming. It's a very smart way to promote and brand herself as a house hold name. Everyone loves Beyonce so expect twitter and facebook to BLOW UP with Beyonce posts on that day, just like it did last year. Everyone will see it, and everyone will want it. This is a very clever move for her. With a new album and single on the way, what better way to get back in tune with the fans. Show them what they love and miss then smack them in the face with a new song!! This is why she's Beyonce. I feel something cooking within the next few weeks from her.