Fresh Music: Keri Hilson - "The Way You Love Me" feat. Rick Ross / by

Keri Hilson goes x-rated on this new leak called "The Way You Love" which features Rick Ross. The song is said to be featured on her new album "No Boys Allowed" which is due out December 21st. Listen to the song below.

Wow! I honestly dislike this song. The beat is tight, but I don't like this Keri. I think she's trying to pick a direction because so far, four songs have leaked from her recording session, with all four being of different genres. The first was "Breaking Point" which was nothing but pure R&B receiving mixed reviews. Second was "Still A Girl" which was a soft mid-tempo pop ballad which was my favorite from these leaks. Third was her official second "Pretty Girl Rock" which was geared toward more urban listeners and now this which to me sounds like urban trash! There I said it. I hope this doesn't make the album. I doubt it will be featured because the title of the album is No Boys Allowed and this song is simply allowing ALL the boys in!