Fresh Music: Rihanna - "California King Bed" / by

Yes, the album has sprang a leak online. I knew it had to be soon, so for those of you who can't wait to get your hands on must wait!! HAHAHA! In the meantime, here's a fresh track from Rihanna's album Loud, which is due out November 16th. which is one of my absolute favorites and it's the LOUDEST track on the album. It's called "California King Bed" which was produced by The Runners. Check it out below.

For one, I'm glad that her whole album isn't filled with the dance music. Thank god! The album is pretty solid, lets see if she can grab the number one spot. This song however is my favorite Rihanna song at the moment. The acoustic, heavy guitar bass driven number speaks on it's on, it showcases her vocal ability (in the studio at least) and has a wide range and a nice set of dynamics to the song. The Runners pushed her to the limit on producing this track. It should be released as a single or at least push out a video for it. I love it.