Ciara's "Basic Instinct" Promo Shots / by

I know a lot of you forgot that Ciara's album was hitting stores next Tuesday without me here to remind you all. But "Basic Instinct" is about to come full force, at least I hope it does. It's been 9 months since her single "Ride" feat. Ludacris was released. It generated buzz but nothing followed it except for push back after push back. Back in October she released the singles "Gimmie Dat" & "Speechless" which aren't doing anything. She has a bunch of scheduled television appearances lined up during the week of her album release, but who knows if that will help sales. Check out another pic below..
I feel sorry for her, I think I smell funky business. She could easily be dropped from her label if this album doesn't deliver. That will mark 2 flop albums in a row if this one does. That's sad, but it's the way of the business. I have the album, it's pretty solid, it's just that no one has been promoting it. People don't know that it's coming out on Tuesday, along with Michael Jackson and Diddy Dirty Money and others, so I know her first week sales will suffer!