Bobby V. & Bobby Brown Perform "Rock Wit'cha" on 'Lopez Tonight' / by

As reported a few weeks back, Bobby V and Bobby Brown took to the stage to perform "Rock Wit'cha" on Lopez Tonight, in support of his new album "Fly on the Wall" due out March 22nd. Check out the performance and interview below.

Bobby Brown sounded at HOTT ASS MESS!! I'm sorry, Bobby V could have done this alone. Brown doesn't have it anymore. And to think he has a new album coming out, and did he REALLY say "Download it from youtube." Just a old ass mess! He sounded like he needed to clear his throat. Bobby V on the other hand nailed it! Every note. He had the crow going wild. Next time he performs this, he needs to it without Brown. I'm curious to see how his new album will sell. What do you think about the performance?