Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" Video / by

Last night saw the premiere of the highly anticipated video from Britney Spears for her single "Hold It Against Me" which is lifted from her new album "Femme Fatal" due out March 29th. The clip was directed by Jonas Akerlund. Check it out below.

Once again, a team of people that HYPES the HELL out of something, and it does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT live up to the hype. Just like the album cover, the video looks very cheap and Britney wasn't dancing like she used to. She looked like she wasn't giving it her all. The concept,....I couldn't even tell you what it was because I'm all confused. I mean, what's with the fight scene? Why not just shoot a simply club video that showcased a more sensual side of Britney because that's the vibe I get from the song. Not this crazy, psycho Britney with dilating pupils and what not. I'm still not a HUGE fan of the song. I don't dislike it but I wasn't all amped and hyped about it like this guy.....

...and never will be. It's like now-a-days people are just blabbering everything they can think of just to build up hype for someone and promote their project. While the artist sit back and say nothing. How does Britney feel about the video? No one knows, hell what does she even think about the song? Does she even like the video? Does she like her album? What will the album sound like? Why wasn't she at the Grammy's? Why didn't she perform there since her song was one of the hottest? until word comes from her mouth, we'll never know. Lady Gaga premiered her single last Friday and already has started promotion for it, video is shot, Grammy performance and two interviews are under her belt. We have yet to see Britney say, promote, or DO anything. No guest appearances, no features, NOTHING. We've only see it come from her team. Which kind of sucks. With this lackluster video, I can EASILY see her falling from her once good graces as far as music goes. Granted the song did debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts, but I bet it won't reach that spot again.