Christina Aguilera DESTROYS the National Anthem / by

Last night, Christina Aguilera was in hot water following her Super Bowl performance of the U.S. National Anthem. The singer was criticized for stumbling through the lyrics and a few people were not too proud about the 11-second note that she hit at the end. Check out the videos and articles below.

Now you have to admit that it was funny, a compilation of stars with crazy looks on their faces. I don't know who Mary was talking about at the end of this video..But anywho, on the the actual performance below..

The looks on peoples faces after she messed up was priceless! They were looking like "this bitch done fucked up". But granted, this is the first time that she messed up, she's performed the song a bunch of times and nothing happened during those performances but I can see how this one could be nerve wrecking; it's the biggest show on earth, millions of people are watching LIVE and she is actually singing LIVE no pre-recording involved. So I can understand, but as far as she sounds...she could've have came better, A LOT BETTER! It sounded as if her vocals have gotten worse over time. I didn't like it at all.