Ciara: "My Time to Speak" / by

Last week, I posted the rumor about Ciara being dropped from her label. Well, apparently it is just that, a RUMOR. She posted a letter to her fans telling expressing her fustrations with her label and how she wishes to be dropped. Check it below.

To my fans:

This week the net has been a buzz of the rumor that I have been dropped from my label. At this point that rumor is false.. It is true that I have asked and I pray that my label will release me. I have had some great times and success with my label, but sometimes like all great things, it's at that point where I feel we don't share the same views on who I am as an artist. The past two albums have been very frustrating for me. At times there were songs I chose to lead a project and I was ignored! This project, I even tried to get "Gimmie Dat" started I spent tens of thousands of my own money only to hear the radio PDs tell me my label didn't want the song played. I even spent more than one hundred thousand dollars out of my pocket on the video to bring my vision to it and still no label support. I do understand that some labels are not financially supporting their artists and I have become one of them. You, my fans, know that I strive to do my best to deliver to my you the best songs and creative vision I possibly can. I'm dedicated to my music, performance and to my fans! I've tried to be a team player with the label only to have compromised what I truly believed and was not given the right opportunity to promote and inform my fans of the release of this album. I have so much of me as an artist I still want to give to the world and my fans. A release would allow me to go be creative with people who care and understand me as an artist. In a short time, I will be able to bring to you a new music energy and a visual excitement! Thank you so much for standing by me through the good, bad, and the confusion. I love you all.
Love Ciara

Before yall hack down my throat, I did say that it was a rumor. Even though she said at this point, that accusation is false. I still believe that it's either coming, or has already happened. I ust feel that she needs to get a better team to support her. In her case, I don't see it to be embarrassing to be dropped from a label giving all that she has been through. So hopefully they drop her, or as she calls it "release" her from the label. When that time comes, expect a whole new crunk Ci-Ci.