Kelly Rowland Gives Album Update / by

Kelly Rowland hasn't had much luck on the album front. With the release of a bunch of singles last year and constant album push backs, the songstress hasn't given up just yet. She just provided an album update. Check out what she had to say below.

Hey everyone,

I just wanna first start off by telling you all thank you SO much for being incredibly patient in waiting for the album. The making of this album has been an emotional roller coaster but empowering for me, which you will hear once it's all done. I'm just taking my time to make sure it's everything I want it to be. Just an FYI, it is shaping up beautifully! All the producers and writers are passionate masterminds, and I thank them for their creativity! Also, this album is NOT limited, I am not allowing ANYONE to put me in a box, with sound. That's not where I belong. The album IS consistent sonically and I am writing, creating, having fun, and's been a BLAST!!! I wanted to bring you guys up to speed with the album! I love you all dearly! And as soon as I have hard dates on release, trust me you know I got you! KR, xoxo


I feel that I've been patient. I've been rooting for her (still is) for the longest and was loving each and every single she dropped. I was hoping for the album last year, but it didn't happen. It's good that she is taking her time and not rushing with this project. It's been the the work for nearly three years but I'm sure it will pay off and she will succeed getting all the credit and attention that she deserves. I can feel it. I'm rooting for you all the way Kelly 100% LETS GO!! Take all the time that you need.