Lady Gaga's "60 Miinutes" Interview / by

Last night after The Grammy Award Ceremony, 60 Minutes aired with an interview featuring Lady Gaga with John Hamlin. He followed the singer in-between her world tour from London to Milan providing an in-dept interview about the star, her rise to and the studying of fame, if she's REAL and her loyalty to her fans. Check it out below.

I just don't think she has always been this way. Just in 2006 she had long dark hair. Now she is doing EVERYTHING with her hair. I understand NOW that her life itself is art and a performance. When she steps outside, she's performing. Everything that she does is art and she's putting on a show. I did find it interesting that she said being open, honest and loyal to her fans gives her a sense of privacy to a certain extent. She said her fans know everything that she wants them to know and that her fashion and fame gives her control because she is making them pay attention to what SHE wants them to pay attention to and not other things like her personal life and what not. I think that is the smartest thing that I ever heard her say. I guess it's the study of "art and fame". Now her goal is to maintain her high level of success. Lets see if she can do just that.