Simon's "X-Factor" Will Award a $5 Million Record Deal / by

Details have been emerging from producers about Simon's show that will be hitting stations across America this year. X-Factor will make it's U.S. debut on television and the winner will be awarded a $5 million record deal with Sony Music. Check out the report below.

Fox confirmed details of Simon Cowell's "X Factor" Monday morning.

The big prize will be a $5 million Sony Music record deal.

Contestants as young as12 can compete.

"I like the idea that a 12-year-old on this show can compete with an older singer and a singing group," said Cowell in a statement. "I've never believed there should be a cut-off age for talent, and we are going to put our money where our mouths are with the $5 million recording contract. I'm doing this show in America because I genuinely believe we can find a superstar."

New judges will be announced "in the coming weeks," and auditions will begin March 27 in Los Angeles.


I think this will be a hit show and that it will blow American Idol out of the waters as far as ratings go. 12-year old kids can compete in this competition, that alone makes it appeal to a broader audience. I wonder what judges will be on this show? Will Paula Abdul join the line up? If the auditions are kicking off this March then that means the show most likely premiere in the Fall, AFTER American Idol is over and done with. Good move. I know that I will be tuning in. Will you?