Jennifer Lopez Premieres "On The Floor" Video feat. Pitbull / by

Jennifer Lopez is back and hotter than ever! She has a new gig on tv as a new American Idol judge and her new single "On The Floor" which features Pitbull has stormed on top of the iTunes charts dethroning reigning queen Lady Gaga. Her rapid rise to the top comes after the video below premiered on American Idol last night. With millions watching the show, I'm sue they all caught the video and went to download the song right afterwards. Check out the RedOne produced track and Taj directed clip below.

The beat in this song goes hard, REALLY HARD. One of RedOne's best productions, but I'm just not a fan of the song. Sorry J.Lo, I love you but I'm not feeling this track. The video is a different story, she looks freaking HOTT!!! She doesn't look like shes 40. But she has much to celebrate because she is back on top. Congratz J.Lo. I said this would work in her favor becoming a judge on one of the hottest television shows will help her promote her album.