Willow Performs "21st Century Girl" & Whip My Hair" on Oprah / by

On Monday, Willow premiered her new single "21st Century Girl" and then on Tuesday she performed it for the first time on Oprah as well as her previous hit "Whip My Hair". Both songs are lifted from her upcoming debut album under Roc Nation. Check out the performance below.

So yeah, I'm not too big of a fan of "21st Century Girl". Her team needs to stick to urban pop, and leave dance pop alone. She just doesn't sound right singing this song. "I'm the type of chick that knocks you off yo feet"? A 10 year old can't knock anyone off of their feet. Any who, I will always love "Whip My Hair". I hope they give her more music like that. Nevertheless, she wowed the crowd. Both performances were done well, I'm just not a fan of the song.