Fresh Music: Chris Brown - "Treading Water" / by

Chris Brown's album "F.A.M.E." was a smash and the singer is already working on a follow up album which will drop before the year's end. Originally "F.A.M.E." was to be released as a double disc and was to be called "F.A.M.E. & Fortune". Chris recorded over 400 songs for the project and thought that a double disc would be the way to go. But it didn't happen that way so the projects have been split in two and "Fortune" will be released later this year. Any-who, check out this newly leaked song called "Treading Water". This is an unfinished cut from the NEW recording sessions for "Fortune". Check it out below.

This sounds more pop-ish and less urban. I like it. But my question is if her recorded so many songs, then why is he STILL recording music for the album. I know a lot of the songs were poured into the mixtapes but he's still recording. Well I dig the song, I wanna hear the finished version. Share your thoughts.

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