Fresh Music: Jennifer Lopez - "Run the World" / by

Jennifer Lopez's album has hit the net and it's making it way to iPod and iPads everywhere. One of the stand out songs on the album is called "Run The World" which was produced by The-Dream. This version you are about to hear features The-Dream & Rick Ross, but on the actual album it's just J.Lo herself. Check out the song below.

Hmmm, this song is better than Beyoncé's "Run the World". Sorry but I had to say it and throw it out there. This is the side of JLo. that I love. I wasn't gonna even bother with the album because I wasn't feeling not one o the songs or singles that she has released thus far. But the album actually have a few nice cuts on it. Thanks to a certain someone for telling me to listen to it. I still don't think that her album ill hit number one, I told a few other felllow bloggers that if it does' then I'd buy and I'm a man of my word. So what do you think about the song? Is it bettter than Beyoncé's?

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