Fresh Music: RichGirl - "For You" feat. Chris Brown / by

R&B quartet RichGirl is still hard at work on their upcoming album. Since hitting the music scene in 2009 the group has went on to release 2 singles ("He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)" & "Swagger Right"), also they've opened on tour for Beyoncé's "I Am..." tour. They've also released their mixtape "Fall In Love With RichGirl". The girls has teamed up with Chris Brown once more on this track called "For You" which features background vocals from Chris and was was penned by him as well. Take a listen to the smooth and soft jam below.

I just love everything that these girls put out. I'm still waiting on the album. I've heard enough from them to love them as group. This song is a different side of them. It's has the tempo of a R&B cut but the sound and feel off a soft pop song. I like it and hopefully this will be included on their upcoming album. Your thoughts?

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