Natalia Kills Premieres "Wonderland" Music Video / by

A few weeks back, I introduced some of you all to the dark pop-star Natalia Kills. She is signed to Cherrytree Records. A few days ago she premiered her video for "Wonderland". The song is lifted from her album "Perfectionist" which is already released over seas and is doing well on the itunes chart. The U.S. release will happen sometime this summer. Mind you, this video is nothing like the title. It sounds like a fairy tail, but it has a DEADLY ending. Check out the video after the jump.

My guy Tyree put me up on this girl. I don't think he reads my blog much so I can safely say here that I actually like her and the song. I put on a front with him because he LOVES her and I always say stuff about her that gets him upset. But I like this song and the video! It's just oh so very DEADLY. When I first saw her in the beginning I said to myself, someone is going to chop off her head!! Surely enough, that's what exactly happened. It's crazy but addictive...I wonder what's next?