Beyoncé DEMOLISHES the 2011 Billboard Awards / by

 Beyoncé owned the stage last night at the 2011 Beyoncé Billboard Music Awards when she performed her hit "Run The World (Girls)". She dominated the stage with fancy and funky visuals and special effects as well with her massive army of women. Before the performance of course, she was honored by her family as well as the big names in the industry like Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Baby Face, Stevie Wonder, The Dream and others. After her performance she was honored by her mother and nephew with the Millennium Award. She even thanked her fellow Destiny's Child members, even the ORIGINAL ones! Check out pictures and the performance after the jump..

AWESOME PERFORMANCE! I wasn't expecting nothing of that nature. She killed it with those effects and visuals, I think without it the performance wouldn't have been oh so great. But I loved it never the less. Her timing with the effects with flawless! She was moving across that damn stage and her dancers were giving it to me, every second of the minute. I love the little dance break down. Beyoncé's vocals were on point, even though she was out of breath, but she still delivered. I'm just in utter SHOCK that she thanked Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, LeToya Luckett and Latavia!! Well not shocked about Kelly and Michelle, but the other two!?!?!? Those names haven;t left her mouth in YEARS but it made me smiled because it showed how humble and grateful she is knowing that without ANY of them, she would be where she is today. This is why I love her. And she has been receiving nothing but love from fellow celebs via Twitter congratulating her and saying that she deserves all that she has received and saying that her performance rocked the award show. I was impressed and loved every second of this 10 minute video. What did you think?