Fresh Artist: Van GO / by

Today I'm bringing yall another Fresh Artist by the name of Van GO. The Chicago native who now resides in Miami released his debut mixtape yesterday called "City of Change" and above is the official cover for the EP. The project is hosted by DJ Noize. Below you can check out the track listing and the back cover.

A few of the stand out tracks for me is "On My Own","Stand Back" & "Want You To Know". All of these songs have meaningful lyrical content, unlike a lot of the stuff you hear on the radio now a days. His rap style is a bit different than anything I've ever heard. He doesn't remind you of Lupe, or Wiz or Kid Kudi, he has his own flow and flavor and something about the way he delivers his lyrics draws you into his music. I think my favorite track has to be "Want You To Know", it's for sure going on my iPod. If your interested in knowing more about this new comer check out his website here or follow the man on twitter. In the meantime take a listen to his EP in full below.

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