Jennifer Hudson Readies Second Single / by

Jennifer Hudson has FINALLY announced the second single from her project "I Remember Me" which dropped back in March. The song "No One Gonna Love You" will be distributed to urban radio stations next Tuesday. It was written an produced by Rich Harrison. If you haven't heard the jam yet, listen to it below.

JEEEEESSZZ! It took long enough. I love this album and I've been waiting to hear what the second single was gonna be. I like this song but I was rooting for "Gone" to be released as the next single and I doubt that it will happen because that song takes a spin on pop and Jennifer isn't marketed as a pop artist but more of R&B/Urban. I still think it has great crossover potential. The album as a whole has great potential and it was backed up by TONS of promotional appearances, then it came to a halt. I don't know what happened but I hope this single does more for the album. Until then, we'll settle with knowing that we'll soon see a video for "No One Gonna Love You". So keep it locked.