Keri Hilson Premieres "Lose Control" Video With Nelly / by

Yes, Keri Hilson is still on her grind. She won't give up. This is the 5th video that she has released from her album "No Boys Allowed". This video features Nelly and it's called "Lose Control" and the song was written by Ester Dean, produced by Stargate. Check out the Colin Tilley directed clip below.

I always told myself that this was a Rihanna classic...or could have been. I never paid attention to the credits of this song. Now that I know that the duo Ester Dean & Stargate are behind this song it all makes sense. Anyway...I wish a lot of other artists had the support and drive as Keri. I mean, she's signed with Interscope Records and they are STILL pumping dollars into her project. I mean, it's not even certified gold and she's rocking her FIFTH single! How many labels do you know of that does that? I mean, Ciara label didn't even give her a chance, pumped out a measly teo videos and nothing more. But I guess Keri has a good team behind her. I think she's doing right because she's keeping her face out there with all of the Beyoncé and Rihanna that's going on, she's keeping her head in the zone and I bet she's gonna serve it up on the next album. As for this video, I don't too much care for it nor do I care for the song for that matter. I like Keri as an artist so I felt the need to post her video for you all. And Just a side note....Colin Tilley is directing EVERYONE'S video, that made bank account must be FAT!!