Lady Gaga Releases "The Edge of Glory" Cover / by

Lady Gaga is on a roll and it's gonna continue for the next 15 years. Above is the official artwork for her upcoming promotional single called "The Edge of Glory" which will hit itunes tomorrow. It's lifted from her album "Born This Way" and it drops May 23rd. Written by Gaga herself, Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow, the song is dedicated to her late grandfather who died last year and she revealed that the song is simply about your last day here on earth.

I'm a sucker for ballads. I love them over all the fast and extra loud sounds. I love her song "Speechless" because it's a simple ballad. So I'm sure this will be a favorite of mine. So keep it locked as I'll be posting the song as soon as it becomes available. Oh and I love her hair in this cover, it's very BIG and OUT THERE!