Lady Gaga's Google Chrome Commerical / by

Lady Gaga has teamed with Google once again to promote their Chrome browser. They web giant used Gaga and her hit "The Edge of Glory" as well as compiled tons of youtube videos and pictures from little monsters around the world dancing and singing to the album's third single. "Born This Way" dropped today and is well on it's way to break history in the music world. The album shot to number one on iTunes in less than two hours. Anyway, check out the inspiring commercial below.

The more I watch her do things like this, the more I like her. Not that I disliked her in any way but I just start to love her more as an artist. She does her own thing and could give two damns about what people have to say about it. This commercial just shows her interacting with her fans over the internet and she does that on a daily basis over Twitter and Facebook. She keeps the connection between her and her monsters strong which is why she constantly excels at what she does. Number one album is on the way. #PawsUp!