Rihanna & Britney Spears Perform at the 2011 Billboard Awards / by

Britney Spears & Rihanna opened last night's ceremony at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. They two sang Rihanna's remix to "S&M". Check out pictures and the performance of the strip show performance after the jump.

Alright, so here's the deal. This performance was nothing but a burlesque show. Everything from the outfits to the damn strip poles! I'm not really a fan of "S&M" anyway nor it's remix for that matter. I didn't like the performance, nor did I like Rihanna's hair. Hell, I didn't even like what she wore on the red carpet, it was too masculine. It looked like something Ellen DeGeneres would wear but it's okay because it would have fit her persona. I'll give Rihanna her props for singing LIVE, Britney on the other hands just needs to call it quits. She just came out and didn't do ANYTHING. Literally, NOT A THING. Except for lip sync. This isn't 2003, no one lip syncs anymore. It's like why even bother perform. Why even waste time. Yes the fans went wild because it's Britney bitch. But I didn't go wild, I just looked and shook my damn head because it was a hot ass of a mess. I think this performance made me dislike the song even more.