Beyoncé Will Perform at the BET Awards / by

It has just been announced by BET that Beyoncé will be performing at the 11th Annual BET Awards. Beyoncé will be joining the likes of Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown and more that will take to the astage. But there's a twist with B...find out what that twist is when you read on.

Beyoncé will be joining the award ceremony via satellite. The starlet will be in France headlining the Glastonbury Summer Concert. So she will perform at the Shrine Auditorium LIVE broadcasting via satellite to the BET Awards Ceremony.

I figured it had to be a catch to this. I mean she can't do the Los Angeles performance and then FLY ALL THE WAY to France to do another show within the course of 8 hours. That's not possible. But at least she's squeezing it in. For the viewers at home it won't make us any difference at all, but for the people ATTENDING the BET Awards, they won't get to see her in person but just on tv.