Lady Gaga Sets The Record Straight About Album Sales / by

Lady Gaga has spoke exclusively to The Wall Street Journal about the criticism and controversy surrounding her "Born This Way" album sales and the fact that Amazon sold it for only one dollar which contributed to more than 400,000 of the 1.11 million that she sold in the U.S. alone and 2 million worldwide. Well everyone has an opinion and so does she and she thinks that the online giant was very smart with making that decision and she applauds them for that decision, stating that the company paid the difference of the amounts that the album was selling for. So basically Lady Gaga got all of her money. Check out the interview after the jump.

Well, if Amazon indeed paid full price for each of those 400,000 albums, then credit is well deserved. Simply because the company and other retailers have SO MUCH FAITH in Lady Gaga as an artist that they would invest so much money in her to make an even BIGGER profits by selling another service. That is huge! If they gave away over 400,000 albums for a dollar, that means that by selling a 20GB sotrage date for $20 per year, they made over $8 Million dollars in the course of a week thanks to Gaga. If each album sold for $10, the only spent a little over $4 million for all they made a huge profits from the gig. Smart move. So that means that Gaga deserves all of the credit that she given for selling as many albums as she did.