"VH1's Behind the Music" Returns: Missy Elliott / by

I know yall remember VH1's Behind the Music right? Well the television station is rebooting show and has decided to launch it with hip-hop mogul Missy Elliott. Inside, vieweres get to take a look at her rise to stardom, her highs and lows, being molested, witnessing her father trying to kill her mother, losing Aaliyah and her fight against Graves disease plus apperances from the likes of Timbaland, Magoo, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, & Mary J Blige. 

She star talks about being shunned from a video for a song that she produced for a tender Raven Symone in 1992 because she didn't fit the image that they were looking for. She chatted aobut what is was like working with Aaliyah and Sean Combs (Diddy). She reminences on getting phone calls from Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson whom all wanted to work with her on their albums. After it all is said and done, nothing is going to stop or slow her down. She's looking to the skies and is going to release a new album soon and will still produce hits by your favs. Check out "Behind the Music" below.

She has been through so much and yet remains so strong. She's still living her life the way she wants to and that's the way to do it. It's been 5 years in the making for her new album and she is ready to hit hard. Her story is very inspiring and uplifting. It just goes to show that you can over come ANYTHING that is thrown your way. Stay tuned for the next episode of VH1's Behind the Music.