50 Cent Scraps Album...INDEFINITELY! / by

If you're a fan of half of a dollar 50 Cent and have been waiting on his new album to drop, then you'll be waiting forever and a day. The rapper took to his twitter account today to address the situation at hand. He  has made it known that there have been differences with him and his label Interscope Records about his new project and it's directions. The album was scheduled for a November release date and now it has been scrapped according to the rapper. Check out the tweet below.
Poor thang. Can't catch a break now. I mean, he was one of the hottest rappers in the game just a few years ago. Everyone was on his jock!! He was hotter than Beyoncé because she jumped on a remix of his "In Da Club" track. Now no one is checking for him. He's blaming his record, Lady Gaga, not being a pop star and every other reason in the book because he's not able to sell a record. He came at Ja Rule and ended his dayum career and now he can't resurrect his own. What goes around comes around. I was never really a 50 fan..so I can talk all the bullshit that I'm talking lol.