Beyoncé & Mathew Are No Longer Speaking / by

Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Kanye West in the studio...
Last week reports began flying that Beyoncé didn't fire her father as her manager because it was time for something new, but due to him stealing money from her "I Am..." world tour. Mathew Knowles was replaced with a representative from Live Nation (a company that works closely with Jay-Z & Roc Nation) and they convinced B to have audit conducted from her finances of her most recent tour. After it was all said and done, the firm came to the conclusion that Mathew had indeed smuggled money. Read the full story after the break.

Conversely, Mathew is insisting that it's a lie and that he'd never steal from his daughter. In all the years that he'd managed her, he had no reason to steal. He wants the judge to allow him to make depositions from the Live Nation members to gather information as to where the lies stemmed from.

As a result of the hot mess, the father and daughter are no longer on speaking terms with one another. Originally, the media made it seem like their parting ways was a business strategy and that the move was intended for Beyoncé to grow more as an artist on her own. But the truth is coming to the light. 

Mathew insists that Live Nation was been wanting to take over Beyoncé's career for years and he believes that they conviced her to do the audit to drive this wedge between the two of them so that they can take control over her multi-million dollar career.

He also slammed her current team on the poor handling of her new album "4". he called them nothing but a "hybrid" of her old team who was about to put out hit after hit, appearance after appearance, performance after performance, and  movie after move. Whereas now it's mere glimpse of Beyoncé. He goes to end it on a good note saying that, her album is selling well and that it proves that you don't need to have the radio stations behind you to have a good hit album and actually have talent.

Well, here's my two cents...I don't think he stole money. I mean why would he? Why now? Why not during the Destiny's Child days or her Dangerously In Love tour or the Beyoncé Experience? I mean does this Live Nation crew have proof that it was actually Mathew stealing money? Of course an audit will show that money is definitely missing, but how does the fingers point to Mathew? Why? I honestly think that they just wanted to get the two of the seperated so that they can take control over her career like Mathew said. There's a huge incentive in it for them. They want the money that Beyoncé is able to bring in. But bringing in the money calls for good promotion and appearances and she's not having that this time around. Mathew was seeing the dollars because he was on his game. He had her EVERYWHERE on EVERY STATION, television and radio. He was able to see profit. But this new crew are as he said a "hybrid". The need to stop the allegations and stop trying to drive the family apart. Hell, he already hurt her by having a baby boy, and now this...what's next?