Fresh Music: Leona Lewis - "Collide" / by

Leona Lewis has returned to the music scene with her new song "Collide". She has hinted out that she was going to head into a different direction of music after the epic failure of her last album "Echo" which was pretty damn good in my opinion. She was tired of being called boring so she had taken a shot at the dance music.This song is called "Collide" and was produced by the Stargate team (Sandy Vee) and written by Autumn Rowe. She has a bold new look and a bold new sound. Above is an official promo picture for the upcoming album which is slated for a November release. Check out the track below.

Most definitely a different sound for her, but I love it. She not over singing on the track, and you still get a taste of her vocal ability within the song. Her voice just mashes perfectly with the song. Though I thought the dance craze was over by now, Leona thinks otherwise. I'm hoping that new album isn't packed with dance songs. I need some ballads from her. It's what's she's known for and it's why I liked her. I'm excited for her and waiting to hear and see more about this upcoming era for her in music.