Movie Preview: Battleship / by

The preview is finally here. If you all remember last year Rihanna was working on the big budget movie and she spent 3 months filming, this be it! It's called "Battleship". It was adapted from the popular Hasbro board game. This Universal Pictures release was directed by Peter Berg, written by Erich Hoeber and John Hoeber! The flick stars Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, Taylor Kitch, Josh Pence and Brooklyn Decker! Rihanna makes a special appearance.She describes her character as...

She’s really tough, she doesn’t stand for anything,” said RiRi, who spent three months filming in Baton Rouge and Hawaii. “I just know my weapons really, really well. She’s really intelligent, but really bad ass.”  

Watch out for her in the trailer. If you blink, then you'll miss her and that nappy red hair. The movie hits theaters in May of 2012. Check out the trailer after the break.
This looks pretty interesting. Almost as if it could be a Transformers part 4...kind of. I think I'd be interested in seeing this. Only to see how does Rihanna fair with actin. Will she speak with that heavy Barbadian accent? Will she die? Will there be a sequal? Will the movie even be a hit? Well in about another 9 months, we'll tell.