Aaliyah: One In A Million BET Special / by

For those of you who missed the special which aired on BET last night for Aaliyah, check it out below. It was a star studded tribute from celebrities, family members and close friends who reflected on her life and rise to fame. There were laughs and tears but all for good reason. They're celebrating the life and legacy of a fallen star 10 years later. For those of you who may not know who Aaliyah was and what happened to her, check out her life story after the jump.

Aaliyah started out in 1994 (I was just 6 years old) and made her impact into mainstream music at the tender age of 15 with her album "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number", peaking at number 18 on Billboard's 200 Albums chart and certified 2x's platinum. The album spawned the singles "Back & Forth"; peaked at no. 5, "At Your Best (You Are Loved)"; peaked at no. 6, and "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number"; peaked at no. 75 on Billboard's Hot 100. Singer R. Kelly was then Aaliyah's producer but the two shortly parted ways after making headlines about a rumored marriage between the two.

In 1996, she followed up with her sophomore effort "One In A Million" which saw productions from Timbaland & Missy Elliot under "Blackground Records". Just like her first effort, the album peaked at no. 18 on the charts and was certified double platinum. The album offered hits like "If Your Girl Only Knew", "One In A Million", "4 Page Letter", "The One I Gave My Heart To" and many others. Shortly after Aaliyah also recorded music for a few movies, one being Dr. Doolittle with the song called "Are You That Somebody" and another for the "Anastasia" soundtrack called "Journey To The Past".

A few years later in 2000, Aaliyah reappeared to the limelight, not with an album though. This time she was giving acting a shot. She appeared in the movie "Romeo Must Die" along with Jet Li. Along with the movies came hit singles for the young starlet was just 20 years old. Her hit song "Try Again" which shot to no. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 as well as earning her an MTV award. That song became her biggest hit to date gaining her worldwide success. After wrapping up the film's promotion, Aaliyah started work on a new movie called "Queen of the Dammed" where she starred as an ancient vampire. It saw a release shortly after her death and her voice overs we're completed by her brother Rashaad so that Aaliyah work wouldn't go to waste.

In 2001, Aaliyah was back and ready to show the world that she was a grown woman. She dressed sexier, and was more lady like. Her third album "Aaliyah" was released on July 17, 2001. It made it's way to the number one spot making it her first no. 1 album on the charts. It featured the hit songs "We Need A Resolution", the sensual "Rock The Boat", & "More Than A Woman". Unfortunately she was only able to see her album in stores for just a little over a month before her tragic death.

On Aug 25, 2001, Aaliyah and her crew went to the Bahamas to shoot the music video for "Rock The Boat". Video footage was made public of Aaliyah just hours before her life ended. She was seen joking, dancing and just having fun with her team. Being the angelic person that she was. Shortly after filming wrapped up, Aaliyah and her team was just ready to get back home to be with friends and family. So the packed up everything, all of the equipment and luggage and loaded it onto a small twin engine plane.

Shortly after take off, one of the engines on the plane failed due to the excessive weight causing the plane to nose dive directly into the ground, killing Aaliyah instantly. Shortly after the crash word began to spread across the island, making it's way back to the radio stations, news reporters and blogs. The industry had just lost a great soul. It was a very tragic day causing pain to many many people.

A few weeks after her death, her "Rock The Boat" video was released and it gained world wide attention, making it one of the BEST videos of 2001. The next year saw the release of a compilation album called "I Care 4 U" which featured 6 unheard songs from Aaliyah. "Miss You" was released as a single and it peaked at no. 3 on Billboard's Hot 100. A video for the song was shot as well which featured appearances from celebrities from all aspects of the entertainment industry as well as unseen clips and pictures of Aaliyah herself.

We love you and truly miss you Aaliyah. rest in peace.