Beyoncé Premieres Sweaty & Steamy "1+1" Video / by

A few weeks back I reported that Beyoncé was filming a video for "1+1" and BOOM. She premiered it today. It was originally supposed to air tonight on E! but as always, it succumbed to the way of the internet. The video was directed by King B herself. Inside it you can take a look at what Prophet Blog calls greasy and what Mikey calls and extended version of her Heat perfume commercial below.
I actually liked it. It's perfect and it's exactly how I visioned her to look, minus  her looking like she was dumped in a pool of Lil Mama's lip gloss because she was POPPIN! But the tone, the setting, the feel, the atmosphere of the video was perfect. I enjoyed it. The hair, the tears, the aggressive rubbing and touch on her from the male, it was everything. It remained simple and basic, yet it managed to fulfill my vision of the video. Definitely a winner. Your thoughts?

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