Big Sean Arrested for Sexual Assault / by

I've been asked by numerous of people to begin blogging about Big Sean and I said that I would. What better way to kick it off with an explosive post like this? The Detroit rapper was arrested for allegedly sexual assaulting a woman after one of his concerts Thursday night. Peep the report after the break.

On Thursday, Big Sean was arrested and charged with misdemeanor counts of forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment and sex abuse after a woman filed a complaint following his concert in Artpark State Park, held in Lewiston near Niagara Falls.

The complaint also lists another man, Willie Hansbro, who faces the same charges.

Big Sean and Willie were given Sept. 6 court dates and later released on $500 bail.

Earlier today, Big Sean’s lawyer Scott Leemon released the following statement:

"Last night, recording artists, Sean “Big Sean” Anderson and Willie “Sayitainttone” Hansbro were arrested and then immediately released by the NY State Police in connection with an allegation made by a female who was at their concert in Lewiston, New York. Both men were charged with misdemeanors and they both vehemently deny the allegations. I am confident, that after further investigation, both men will be vindicated."
Of course they'll deny it. They all do...but then again, you have these groupies that are fame and money hungry and will do any and everything to get what they want. Even if it means lying about sexual assault.