Lil Wayne Goes IN on Jay-Z & Beyoncé: Fresh Music: "It's Good" / by

Did Lil Wayne really go in on Beyoncé & Jay-Z on this new track "It's Good"? The song features Drake & Jadakiss and ther'es a lyric within the song of Weezy dissing Jay. The lyric goes..

"Talk about baby money, I got your baby money.
Kidnap your bitch get that that how much you love your lady money
I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga.
I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga.
I’m a grown ass blood, stop playing with me."

This is said to be in response to Jay-Z's lyrical content in the song H.A.M. which goes..

“Really you got baby money
Keep it real with niggas,
niggas ain’t got my lady money."

Check out the song below.

So does Lil Wayne HONESTLY think that he was on the mind of Jay-Z & Kanye West while they were recording "Watch the Throne". Obviously so, but I'm sure that wasn't the case with Jay's verse. I'm sure and I'm almost positive that he wasn't taking shots at Lil Wayne, but now he's fired back. But the good thing is Jay-Z will give it any play or fire a shot back because that's not his style. He's a classy bitch and just lets stuff go. From The Game to R. Kelly, to EVERYONE....he chucks up the dueces. Now lets see if Wanye can out sell the throne...tic toc..