Trey Songz Prepares "Chapter 5" / by

For those of you who may not know, Trey Songz is preparing yet another album. It's his 5th studio album called "Chapter 5".  There's no released date as of yet according to the singer himself but we'll get one when the time is right. Check out his statement below via The Source.

“… it’s my sixth year in the game so I’ve been here for a while now. You can expect the best me you’ve ever heard. I don’t have any release dates in mind right now but I’m just making music and enjoying myself in the studio and having fun.

When I get to a place where I feel comfortable saying a date or all of that, people will definitely know. I have a few dream collaborations on that album that I want, but they say if you blow out your candle and make a wish you can’t tell people what you ask for or it won’t come true.”

Hopefully it'll be better than the last one, but equally as good as the one before that. "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" didn't do it for me but "Ready"....boy oh boy was he ready. That entire album was hot, I think it can go down as a classic!