Willow is a Rich Girl & Has a Boyfriend / by

If you didn't know, ya girl Willow banked a heavy $4 million last year from her song "Whip My Hair". Just one song, not an album. One SONG! That landed her amongst the Forbes richest teens list and she's not even a teen. Imagine, Nicki Minaj made $5 million from her ALBUM "Pink Friday", Willow made close to that from one song, that's the power of the Smith's.

Any who, See the picture above, the little guy in red is rumored to be young Willow's boy toy...we'll boy toy sounds so inappropriate for such young love, how about we keep it simple and say boyfriend. When I was this age, boys and girls used to scream cooties...does that exist? I know you all think she's young but remember she comes from a family of Scientologists who gives their children more freedom than your average child. Well go head WILLOW! See more pics below.