Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga Heading For Splitsville? / by

Word on the street is that singer Jennifer Hudson and her long time fiancee David has called off their engagement after 3 years. Get into it after the break.

The American Idol alum, 30, and WWE star David Otunga - who have a 2-year-old son, David jr. - are on the outs, clashing over Jennifer's career obsession, commitment issues and reluctance to have more children.

"They were going to tie the knot in August in Jennifer's hometown of Chicago... but it's not going to happen," an insider reveals.

Damn. That's gotta suck! But I've been hearing rumblings about the status of their relationship months ago. Now I guess those rumblings are indeed true! I hope they can get things back on track. Jennifer just recently released her album "I Remember Me" earlier in the year and it has seen moderate success on the airwaves and charts.