Ryan Lelsie Sued For Not Giving $1 Mil For His Laptop / by

Several months ago, singer and producer Ryan Leslie lost his laptop over seas in Germany and freaked out. He freaked out so bad that he offered a one million dollar reward for it's return. Due to the fact that a lot of new material from his already released album was on there and it didn't want any of it to leak. He got his wished.
A German man by the name of Armin Augstein claimed to have found it while walking his dog. Highly anticipating the reward, Armin has yet to receive a penny. So he's now taking matters into his own hands and has filed a lawsuit against Leslie in New York after failing to respond to his many emails about the retrieved item. 

Lets see how Ryan wiggles his way out of this one. Poor guy, probably doesn't even have a million dolalrs to give since those dayum albums flopped like a fish out of water. But hell, who do he think he is. Doing intervies, making tweets and pleas about the reward and now he gives nothing?! Does he have that right?