Fresh Music: Lyndriette - "Addicted" / by

A lot of you all may remember this pretty face from the girl group RichGirl. As of a few weeks ago, news broke that the group was no longer together. I even tweeted Lyndriette herself and she replied back with a confirmation that they were all flying solo. Needless to say, the group was definitely a hit and she was my favorite. She has went on to release her first solo song today called "Addicted". The track was produced by The Globetrakkers. Take a listen to the cut below.

Not bad, not bad at all. I knew she could hold her own while going solo. I love her voice and this production is sick! Her voice is so strong and loud, especially in the second verse. Some call her loud and say that she over sings, but I don't think so. I am kind of sad about the group not being together anymore. I was hoping for an album because I fell in love with their mixtape "Fall In Love With RichGirl". It left me wanting more. But I guess all of the girls are on their own grind. I'm digging this. Get it Lyndriette!! What do you think of the song?

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