Monica Releases "New Life" Cover + New Release Date / by

Yesterday, Monica unveiled the cover for her new album "New Life". Earlier in the week she also announced that she was pressing pause on the new album because she wanted to rework it.With the singles "Anything (To Find You)" & "Until It's Gone" not doing to well on the radio,  the project has been tentatively set for Feb.21, 2012. The diva tweeted...

“I wanna thank you for your love, dedication & support. RCA & I are restructuring the entire plan for the album & the entire movement. I refuse to not give the music that those of you who have supported me deserve. Creative things take time because they can’t be planned”

Smart move, I hear that she wants to capture the type of music that reminds you of "Why I Love You So Much". Here's my thing with Mo. I think she's a fantastic artist! LOVE HER! I just hate that she's keeping herself inside a box with this whole "keepin' it real" and "true R&B" and what not. I mean give it a rest. She's tried pop plenty of times and it didn't do too well. So she's staying away from it. I think that she should revisit it  and give us a cross over hit.