Keri Hilson Questioned About Beyoncé....On Her Birthday!! / by

I don't think that we will EVER know why Keri Hilson dislikes Beyoncé, so until she comes clean, I'll continue to call her a hater. Anyway, Keri just recently had a 29th birthday bash. As she was coming out of the venue, she was bombarded by the pappz. As she slowly walked her way to her truck, she was questioned about Beyoncé. The small steps soon turned into quick strides to hurry and get into the car. Peep the video below.

She damn near broke her neck trying to get into the car. That camera man has a lot of balls trying to get her to talk about Beyoncé. It's like her ears had steam coming out of them when she heard that name and she put some pep into her steps.