Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Blue Ivy Carter Head Home / by

After a crazy, media filled weekend of nothing but lies, rumors and reports of everything you can think of, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and baby Blue Ivy made their very private departure from the New Lenox hospital on the Upper East-side in the early hours of the morning. The departure was described as "military like" with the usage of multiple, heavy black limo vans and arms of security. It was so quite that this is the only picture that was able to be snapped. In it you can see Bey's security guard Julius in the front seat while the family is in the darkened back area of the van.

A procession of vehicles with blacked-out windows made a speedy exit from the upper East Side hospital’s side gate in the wee hours of Tuesday, witnesses said.

Two black SUVs motored quickly out of the facility’s E. 76th St. loading dock at 1:30 a.m.

Moments later, a van parked on a nearby corner reversed into the same loading dock, and the large roll-down gate closed.

The gate reopened a few minutes later and the van drove out, turned the wrong way on the one-way 76th St., and then headed north on Park Ave.

One of the two SUVs blocked traffic on Park Ave. so the van would not be impeded.

The second SUV pulled in behind the van, apparently to prevent anyone from following the music icons and their newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

It was “very precise, very military-like,” one witness said.

“Immediately, security personnel began leaving the hospital.”

Just like an ordinary hospital stay, they we're there for only 3 days after she gave birth and are obviously going to extreme measures to keep baby Blue safe from the public eye and the media outlets.  Who could blame them. With people calling the baby "the devil", saying that Beyoncé had a surrogate, the baby was delivered by c-section and all these other rumors, she's keeping her and the new family to herself until further notice. They released an official statement about the birth & Jay-Z already released a song about the new born called Glory which features Blue Ivy herself. Actual audio footage of her crying after being born was added to this song. The song is a very personal one, even revealing that the couple endured a miscarriage before.

I've been reading a lot of non-sense these past few days about this entire situation. From Sandra Rose to The Prophet Blog and their theories....and I say to hell with them. Click the links and read them for your self. The theories about the name Blue Ivy Carter...I'm over them. Reports about the couple spending $1.3 million on an entire wing in the hospital and not allowing families to see thier new born children, I simply don't believe. I'm just happy that this is all over and now Beyoncé can return to music. She said it herself, she's strong enough to bare the children then get back to LET'S GET IT!