Christina Aguilera Butchers Etta James' Classic "At Last" / by

Christina Aguilera was hand picked by Etta James' family to perform at her funeral because Etta had a huge amount of respect for Aguilera. She deemed her as "the voice of our generation".

She performed the classic "At Last" which was broadcasted live on television. Check out the performance after the break.

This was awful. I'm so sorry to say, but it truly was. I've been reading the blogs all day about well she did and I was anxious to see. Then I get home and press play and THIS is what I heard? Baby bye. All those unnecessary runs, that screeching voice. I couldn't do it. I painfully watched and listened for the entire song. I love her voice, but she put a little too much into this one. From the very beginning to the last end, that long ass was god awful!!!!!! Then she got a standing ovation??? Were the audience deaf? Because it sure didn't deserve one. Maybe they were just being polite or something but yeah, this was definitely a terrible performance. You can't stage a comeback with somethign this awful.